Replace missing teeth

Why should I replace my missing teeth with implants?

Besides obvious reasons like cosmetic appearance and the ability to chew, there are other things to consider when teeth are missing.

When teeth are lost in the mouth, the jawbone where the teeth used to be starts to shrink. The longer areas are left without a tooth, the more the jawbone will shrink, making teeth harder to replace. In some cases, a bone graft is needed to add extra bone where it has been lost so a dental implant can be placed.

Missing teeth also change the appearance of the face and makes cheeks sink in, giving an aged look. Aside from that, other teeth in the mouth will start to move and drift into the gaps causing changes in the bite.

If you have a single missing tooth or several missing teeth and are wondering if dental implants are a suitable option for replacing your missing teeth, visit Roxburgh Park Dental Clinic today for a full assessment by one of our experienced dentists.

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