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Dr. Haneen Bahnam

Associate Dentist

Royal Dental Spa is proud to have Dr. Haneen Bahmam whose high level of experience provides patients with professional and exceptional dental care.
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Dr. Haneen Bahnam will provide you with the dental knowledge and care you need.

Dr. Haneen Bahnam is a well-trained dentist who has gained experience from her studies, mentorships, and professional experience in Australia.
She was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq.

After graduating from Hawler Medical University/College of Dentistry in 2015, she later received mentorship from one of the great dentists in Jordan before moving to Melbourne, Australia, in 2018. Dr. Bahnam passed her dental exams at the first trial in 2021.

Dr. Bahnam has been teaching for more than a year at 1O1 Dental, where she has guided other dentists on evidence-based dentistry, teaching them technical skills and building their theoretical knowledge to achieve Australian standards. Additionally, Dr. Bahnam values spending time with her family, exploring new cooking techniques, staying active outside the dental field, and keeping up with the latest updates in the field through her membership with the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Meet The Royal Dental Spa Dentists

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Dr. Bassam Attar

Principal Dentist

Dr Bassam is a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA), International Positive Psychology Association, and Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics and Training (AADFA).

Dr. Bassam has a wealth of knowledge and interest, especially in wisdom tooth removal and dental implants. He is well known for his gentle, painless treatment techniques, which consistently provide exceptional results.

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Dr. Mike Alkateb

Cosmetic and Dental Implant Dentist

Dr. Maher Alkateb, Mike for short, is an experienced and highly respected dentist of over 20 years. He has a warm, friendly demeanour and is an excellent communicator.

Many of his clients appreciate his patience, understanding, and thoughtful insights regarding treatment plans. He provides quality dental care, and Dr. Mike adds great value to the practice through his educational efforts and marketing expertise.

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Dr. Christian Esknder

General Dentist

With an incredible wealth of expertise and experience, Dr. Christian Eskander is a dedicated dental professional who offers a vast array of services, from basic fillings to complex cosmetic treatments.

For Dr. Christian, dentistry encompasses much more than tools and techniques. He loves understanding his patients deeper because he believes personalised care is the key to successful dental treatment.

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