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At Royal Dental Spa we offer professional teeth whitening. A smile is usually the first thing that people notice about a person and more and more people are looking for a whiter smile. Over time our teeth can accumulate stains from everyday activities such as drinking tea, coffee, colas, red wine and smoking. Teeth whitening works by a bleaching gel infiltrating into the tooth structure and lightening the discoloured areas. There are two common types of teeth whitening procedures: in office whitening or at home whitening.

In office teeth whitening:

This involves one of our gentle dentists using a high concentration gel applied to the teeth. In some cases a special LASER light is used to activate the gel. It is important that the gums are healthy and teeth are clean before doing this procedure, our dentist may recommend a professional clean if it’s needed. Our dentists will protect the gums of the client during the procedure as well. In office teeth whitening takes up to an hour and a half and results are immediate, generally lasting for one year or longer depending on the situation.

At home teeth whitening:

In this method, our dentist starts off by making a custom-made mould for your teeth by taking an impression. This mould will fit snug to the teeth and can be filled with a professional whitening gel. Our dentist will provide you with the gel and will show you how to fill your custom tray. The tray with whitening gel will be worn nightly generally for 2-4 weeks. The snug fit prevents overflow of the whitening material to the gums. Whitening of teeth using this method is more gradual than in office whitening however its main advantage is that it causes less teeth sensitivity.

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