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Don’t let your bad bite be a source of pain and frustration. Early intervention can help prevent bigger issues from arising, allowing you to maintain a healthy mouth and an attractive smile. Royal Dental Spa offers dental treatments to help prevent oral health issues caused by bite problems.
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Dental Problems

Dental Services That Can Address Bite Problems

Our cost-effective dental services can help address bite problems using the latest technology and techniques to help restore your healthy smile.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About
Bite Problems

Your upper teeth should fit just over the lower ones, with even molars on both sides. Proper bite alignment is key to a healthy mouth; if everything lines up, you most likely have a healthy bite.

  • It is commonly hereditary.
    Bite misalignment is often attributed to genetics and tends to run in families. So if someone in your family has a bite that isn’t aligned, there’s a chance it could be passed down to future generations.

  • Tooth loss.
    Unaddressed tooth loss can result in bite misalignment and is a common but potentially damaging oral health issue.

  • Periodontal disease.
    Unhealthy gums and bacteria buildup along the gum line may lead to tooth loss and movement in the jaw’s alignment.

  • Trauma or injury.
    Unexpected traumas or injuries can have a significant impact on the alignment of your teeth. Whether it’s due to an accident, a fall, or even something as simple as clenching your teeth too tightly, it can lead to bite problems.

  • Cleft lip or cleft palate.
    Bite misalignment can be caused by a cleft lip or palate, which are congenital disabilities that often require orthodontic treatment. Your dentist has the knowledge and experience to help realign your teeth for better dental health and improved aesthetics.

  • Abnormally-shaped teeth.
    Bite misalignment can often be caused by teeth that are not normal in shape or size. If you’re experiencing a bite problem, it might be worth exploring whether abnormal tooth structure is the cause so your dentist can help address it.

  • Impacted teeth.
    Bite problems can result from something as simple as an impacted tooth. This is when teeth don’t erupt properly and remain trapped within your jawbone or when their growth is blocked or inhibited in some way.

  • Thumb sucking and bottle feeding as a child.
    Common causes of bite problems include thumb sucking and bottle feeding during childhood. If these behaviours are unchecked, they can lead to dental alignment issues later in life.

If your bite issue is impacting your dental health, like feeling pain when you chew, it may be time to make an appointment with your dentist so they can help manage any discomfort or other dental problems.

The timeline depends on various factors, like the severity of your bite problem and which treatments are necessary for your condition. In mild cases, it might only take several months to see changes, but more challenging bites can take up to two years or longer.

Bite problems cannot be managed at home and require the help of a dental professional. While waiting to see your dentist, you can take care of any problems at home by brushing and flossing your teeth daily to avoid cavities.

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