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Missing teeth don’t have to mean the end of your beautiful smile. At Royal Dental Spa, we take pride in helping patients regain their confidence with quality dental treatments that restore their ability to eat, speak, and smile normally.
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Dental Problems

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Our dental services offer the latest advancements in restoring your smile. We can help make it whole again through various treatments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About
Missing Teeth

Missing teeth could be due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. In other cases, it might be hereditary, where congenitally missing teeth can run in families due to genetic factors passed down through generations.

  • Eating discomfort.
    You may have difficulty chewing hard foods, which can also lead to serious digestion issues. This can also lead to an unhealthy snacking habit or even jaw pain due to the unnatural movement of your mouth while chewing food.

  • Bone loss.
    Lack of stimulation to key areas in the jawbone due to lack of motion causes over-time bone mass and strength reduction. The bone can become weaker and may lead to a significant loss.

  • Premature facial ageing.
    The face can become hollow over time due to progressive bone loss without a tooth root stimulating the jawbone underneath.

  • Teeth shifting.
    Without the support of the missing teeth, the neighbouring teeth will move and shift out of place over time, which can cause them to become misaligned.

  • Speech difficulties.
    Missing a tooth can create speech impediments and difficulty communicating with other people.

  • Periodontal disease.
    The space left behind by a missing tooth allows bacteria to build up, increasing the chances of infection, which could potentially develop into gum disease.

  • Facial aesthetics compromise.
    A missing tooth can affect your smile’s aesthetics and leave a lasting impression on those around you. If you have a missing tooth, not only does your beautiful smile suffer, but deep down inside, you might feel embarrassed or even unattractive.

  • Lower confidence level.
    With a missing tooth, you may feel like your self-esteem is plummeting. It could even prevent new experiences, from making meaningful social connections to progressing in career opportunities.

While a missing tooth may seem harmless, it can lead to many problems beyond your smile. Without the support and stability provided by every tooth in your mouth, remaining teeth can begin shifting positions towards the vacant space, leading to misalignment of your bite. It can make flossing more difficult and allow plaque buildup that could potentially cause gum disease or even further loss of teeth.

  • Improved appearance.
    Replacing one or more teeth will help you look and feel confident in social or professional settings again. You’ll look great and feel more confident than ever before.

  • Restored oral health.
    Addressing tooth loss can help you achieve optimal oral health. You can return to enjoying good oral hygiene and living without discomfort.

  • Restored functionality.
    Addressing your missing tooth issue can restore the normal function of your mouth. It can give you back dental functions like chewing, biting, and speaking. Managing the problem can help you regain your teeth’s original benefits and restore balance and aesthetics to your smile.

  • Support for remaining teeth. Filling the gap left behind by that lost tooth can help provide much-needed stability and support to adjacent teeth. It can help the adjacent teeth maintain proper alignment while preventing food debris from collecting in the empty gap.

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