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Gum Disease Treatment in Craigieburn

Gum disease is a commonly overlooked dental problem affecting your mouth’s health. Royal Dental Spa is here to help you find the right way to manage your gum disease so you can enjoy a healthier smile. Book a consultation with us today!
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Dental Problems

Dental Problems That Gum Disease Treatment Can Address

Managing the mild and the advanced stage of gum disease can benefit your dental and general health. Knowing the warning signs and addressing the symptoms of gum disease can help address the following problems:
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We recognise that dental treatments may come at a high cost, which can be a financial challenge. SuperCare is available in our dental clinic, which provides a secure way and early access to superannuation to cover dental treatments.

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We participate in CDBS, a government scheme that provides children with access to up to $1,026 in dental services over two consecutive calendar years. This covers most basic general dentistry services, such as checkups and dental cleanings, so your child's oral health will not be neglected.


Worry no more about expensive dental services with DentiCare. It doesn't require credit or finance checks and is interest-free. Also, you can choose among the three payment plan options it offers that can match one's needs.


We make claiming benefits relatively quicker with HICAPS. It is an electronic system that allows patients to swipe cards and claim benefits on the spot when paying for dental services instead of waiting for reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About
Gum Disease

If you have swollen, red, bleeding or tender gums and persistent bad breath, then it’s time to consider treatment for gum disease. However, we highly recommend that you come in for a consultation at Royal Dental Spa so our team of experienced dentists can assess your oral health.

  • Prevents Tooth Loss.
    One of the most important benefits of gum disease treatment is that it can help to prevent tooth loss. Gum disease is a progressive condition that attacks the gums and bones supporting the teeth. If left unmanaged, gum disease can lead to loose teeth, which may need tooth extraction. However, with early diagnosis and treatment, gum disease can be controlled, and the progression of the disease can be reduced.

  • Saves Money.
    Another benefit of gum disease treatment is that it can save you money in the long run. Gum disease is a costly condition to manage, and the cost of treatment will only increase the longer it is left unaddressed. By getting gum disease treatment early, you can avoid costly treatments, such as dental implants, down the road.

  • Reduces Inflammation.
    Gum disease treatment can also help to reduce inflammation in the gums and throughout the body. Gum disease is an inflammatory condition, which increases your risks of other health problems, such as heart disease and stroke. By getting periodontal disease treatment in Craigieburn, you can help to reduce this inflammation and lower your risk for these other conditions.

  • Prevents Bad Breath.
    Bad breath is often caused by bacteria build-up in the mouth, which can result from gum disease. In reducing these bacteria through gum disease treatment, you improve your breath and oral health.

  • Improves Overall Health.
    Gum disease treatment can also help to improve your overall health. When your gum disease is managed, you get improved teeth, jawbone and gum tissue health, which can affect the overall health of your oral cavity.

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Everyone has a different pain threshold. However, you can expect some discomfort when getting a gum disease treatment in Craigieburn. During the treatment, your dentist will inject a local anesthetic into your gums to numb the area. If you still can’t stand the discomfort despite the anesthetic, discuss other options for pain management with your dentist.

Treatment times for gum disease in Craigieburn will vary depending on the extent of your dental issue and the severity of your gum disease. You should expect the process to take anywhere between several weeks and months, with a few trips back to your dentist.

To make sure we get you back to optimal health, your dentist will track your progress through regular checkups after each treatment. Overall, making an appointment as soon as possible is key for getting an accurate outcome for how long gum disease treatment will take.

We have a few options for gum disease in Craigieburn. If caught early enough, convenient remedies such as changes to oral hygiene practices or deep cleaning are used. A deep clean involves numbing the area before removing bacterial tartar and plaque buildup from gum surfaces in order to reduce swelling and sensitivity of the gums.

Medications might also be prescribed to counter existing infections and prevent future microbial invasion into healthy tissue, which helps preserve and protect the overall health of your gums and teeth.

Depending on the severity of the condition, advanced procedures like root scaling, frenectomies and flap surgeries may also be recommended by your dentist to more effectively get rid of bacteria accumulated below gum lines and promote tissue healing.

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With periodontitis being a serious dental health problem, the right treatment is key to getting your smile back in shape. You can find periodontal disease treatment in Craigieburn for all levels of severity ranging from $140 up to $3,000. However, we highly recommend that you come in for a consultation so we can give you an estimated cost of your gum disease treatment.

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