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Have you ever been caught off guard by your tooth sensitivity? Finding relief from tooth sensitivity doesn’t have to be a painful process. Royal Dental Spa can help manage your discomfort and let you enjoy your favourite dishes and beverages again, free from the pain of tooth sensitivity.
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Dental Problems

Dental Services That Can Address Teeth Sensitivity

Our dental services can help reduce tooth sensitivity and make eating enjoyable again, so you can start enjoying your meals without worry.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About
Teeth Sensitivity

  • Sensitivity to temperature changes.
    Are you noticing that your teeth feel extra sensitive when exposed to cold air? This could indicate tooth sensitivity, so if this issue persists, speak with your dentist about managing this condition.

  • Uncomfortable reactions to hot foods or drinks.
    If you feel uncomfortable consuming hot foods and drinks, your teeth may become sensitive. If these reactions persist, you should see your dentist, who can help determine the source of the sensitivity and provide relief.

  • Pain or irritation to cold foods and drinks.
    Do your teeth feel like they can’t handle the chill? If you experience pain or discomfort while consuming cold food and drinks, it may be indicative of a sensitivity issue. Get in touch with your dentist to find out how it can be addressed.

  • Pain when brushing or flossing.
    When it’s time to brush and floss, are you feeling pangs of pain? Pain during brushing or flossing could indicate tooth sensitivity, so if you’re experiencing pain, it’s important to consult your dentist for further evaluation.

  • Discomfort with acidic and sweet foods and drinks.
    Does your tooth ache after eating something sweet? Do acidic foods cause pain in a particular area of the teeth when bitten? If so, you may be experiencing the common signs of sensitivity; make sure to talk to your dentist about it.

  • Pain when chewing.
    Do you experience intense pain in your teeth when chewing? If so, it could be an indication of sensitive teeth. If the discomfort is persistent, it’s important to check them out with your dentist.
  • Desensitizing toothpaste.
    This special formula helps reduce pain signals and block irritants. With the active ingredient of potassium nitrate, a few uses of this formula can reduce teeth sensitivity.

  • Rinse with salt water.
    Salt is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce pain. Try gargling twice per day for comforting relief from sensitive teeth.

  • Honey with warm water.
    Rinsing your mouth with warm water and honey can reduce pain while promoting healing. This sweet antibacterial agent not only helps to speed up wound management but also provides relief from sensitivity.

  • Turmeric.
    Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound found in this unique yellow spice. Massage a bit of ground turmeric onto your affected teeth to reduce pain and sensitivity.

  • Green tea.
    Unsweetened green tea used as a daily mouthwash can help strengthen teeth and reduce inflammation, giving you greater relief from discomfort.

Maintaining a consistent, good oral hygiene routine—brushing twice daily and flossing between meals—is the key to avoiding this problem in the future. Limiting your consumption of acidic foods and wearing mouthguards if you have bruxism is also recommended. In addition, seeing your dentist regularly for cleanings also helps keep sensitive areas out of harm’s way.

If your dental discomfort and extreme sensitivity keep you from going about your daily activities, you must immediately make an appointment with your dentist. Don’t put off treatment and let the problem persist.

In some cases, tooth sensitivity will go away on its own. If it’s a side effect of a dental procedure such as root canal therapy or dental fillings, it’s just temporary. However, if your sensitivity persists and doesn’t subside, we recommend speaking with your dentist. They will be able to help diagnose any underlying issues like worn enamel or exposed roots that may need attention.

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