Payment Options

Simplify Your Payment Process with HICAPS

We value your time and convenience at Royal Dental Spa, so we have equipped our clinic with HICAPS terminal services for our patients.
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How does HICAPS work?

HICAPS is an electronic device system that allows you to claim your health fund benefits on the spot.


Make an Appointment

Call Royal Dental Spa at 03 9605 9321 to make an appointment, or you can book an appointment online. Let our staff know that you will use your health fund to cover the costs of your dental care.

Don’t forget to bring your dental health insurance card with you to your appointment.


Present your health fund card

Our friendly dental staff are here to help make your dental experience as easy and comfortable as possible. We will check and confirm your card information prior to starting any treatment.

After confirming your policy cover, the dentist will assess your dental needs.


Get your treatment

Your dentist is ready to begin the procedure right away. You may now get your dental treatment with utmost confidence, knowing that it is completely backed by your health fund.

Upon completion of your dental treatment, we will provide you with the bill.


Tap or swipe your card to pay

Our staff will process your payment using HICAPS. With just a tap or swipe of your eligible health fund card, we can easily process your claims for your dental treatment.

Experience the benefits of HICAPS at Royal Dental Spa; save time and out-of-pocket costs on your dental treatments.


Enjoy your healthy smile

You can now enjoy your healthy smile knowing that you don’t need to wait a long period of time to process your claims. With HICAPS, you get your health fund benefits in an instant.

HICAPS provides a secure connection between Royal Dental Spa and your health fund.

Eligibility Requirements for HICAPS

To be eligible for HICAPS, patients must meet certain requirements. You must have an active health fund policy with Extras cover for dental treatment. Then, you can enjoy the advantages of using HICAPS.

When you go to your appointment at Royal Dental Spa, please bring your valid dental health insurance card. Please note that not all services are included in every dental insurance policy; it’s important to check with your health fund provider to see which treatments are covered by your particular plan. In some cases, a gap payment may be necessary.

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