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A knocked-out tooth can be painful and uncomfortable, and it may cause long-term damage. Our dental professionals are highly trained in dealing with knocked-out teeth. At Royal Dental Spa, we understand how important it is for you to get back your gorgeous smile.
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Our experienced team of dentists provides customised treatment plans for a knocked-out tooth to get you back on track to optimal oral health.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About
Knocked Out Tooth

When you experience a knocked-out tooth, the damage goes beyond just losing the tooth itself. Nerves and blood vessels around it are also damaged and cannot be restored, but your dentist can help. With the right treatment, proper care, and attention, your dentist may be able to reimplant your knocked-out adult tooth, and your tooth can reattach to its natural roots.

Your tooth can get knocked out if you get hit playing contact sports or become the victim of an accident involving your face. With the right response and professional help from your dentist, there’s still hope for getting your knocked-out tooth back in its socket.

Managing a knocked-out tooth isn’t something you should take lightly. Without proper care, losing your tooth can cause further complications.

  • Damage to neighbouring teeth.
    A knocked-out tooth should be managed as soon as possible. When left unaddressed, the impact can extend to neighbouring teeth and may result in further damage or even loss of these surrounding structures.

  • Disrupts normal dental functions.
    If you’ve experienced a knocked-out tooth, it’s important to seek professional dental advice. Not doing so can result in long-term discomfort in everyday activities such as eating and speaking. At the very least, prompt treatment from your dentist will help minimise the disruption of regular dental functions.

  • Pressure sensitivity.
    If a tooth becomes dislodged due to trauma, it is important for your dental health that you seek professional help. Without proper care and management of the knocked-out tooth, you may experience pressure sensitivity in areas surrounding the affected area.

  • Accumulation of bacteria.
    Knocked-out teeth can be more than just a cosmetic concern. The gaps can also create an environment where bacteria can thrive and spread infection quickly.

  • Pain and sensitivity in the area.
    Without proper treatment and management of your knocked-out tooth, you could be at risk for persistent pain and discomfort. Ignoring a knocked-out tooth can lead to sensitivity to hot and cold foods or drinks.

A knocked-out tooth may be able to reintegrate and heal with the help of your dentist. If done quickly, the tooth may be reinserted into its socket. Time is essential when replanting, and there’s still hope with immediate action. If the tooth is retrieved and replanted within 5 minutes, there is still a high chance of survival. But if more than 60 minutes have passed between the incident and treatment, the survival rate decreases significantly and reattachment becomes more difficult.

When picking up your tooth, please do not touch any other parts besides its chewing side, then give it a gentle rinse with either water or milk. Do not use soap or chemicals to wash it; avoid scrubbing or drying it. Finally, put the tooth back in its socket or submerge the tooth in a glass of milk until you see your dentist.

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